Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dreams through glass

Utopia, mine. How long must I wait? How much longer must I chant "I want...I want...I want...".
Be me free, now.
Be me free, from the judgement that are a thick rope around my waist, having me struggle so hard, involved now a veil onto me and I am in the dark, groping at times, shrieking mostly, curling into them tears...oh, the struggle against ego and then to let it skate away, yes, and ask..."Be me free, now!", stepping back for a while and the eyes seeing nothing but a long run of freedom-only a dream until hoping...then thinking and then, smiling. Will be so. Be me Free.

I dance connecting the blue, the open above to the bases and depths below only through the abundance and abundance of substance, of nothingness and of wholesomeness.
I dance now with the blankets, velvety, strong, consuming me, I know that they will take me feet away from the elegance of selfness and have my arms open parallel to my heart surrendering myself to the skies? or Gods? or substance? who knows.
But yes. I know. It will be then, me being free.

Now I want nothing. I want no one, now. No. Now, yes now-I have me. I am.

Walls I build and make them mirrors to me. My windows open till where the winds can reach, past the sway of leaves like fingers on a piano to the sweetest symphony, beyond the monotony of convenience, fading obligations that hide fresh colours in underground closets, beyond the superficial necessity of systems, the vanity to be accepted from someone no one, the dishonesty to self, the whips of hypocrisy and ego that anger me, that I have hated to hate...have me now cry...for I want to forgive. Have me strength so to love you, to forgive you to have distorted what we had built together..have me the vision to learn from my shortcomings..have my cup of ego void for I beg to be me free.