Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rambling 1

Some wife has killed herself. Someone has been robbed. Some innocent young girl has been raped by her uncle. The prices are high for daily essentials. Is it me or the daily newspaper is full of such pieces every time I decide to read one? I know I am a journalist and I must be up to date with the current affairs, and reading newspaper, since I work at one, should come naturally to me. And as this is a blog, I will tell you this--I know what's happening around. But reading newspaper is such a depressing thing. And to top it all, people love to read it first thing in the morning. Why would anyone want to know of all that has gone wrong in the world first thing in the morning?
Robert Fulghum said in one of his books that the world is not full of evil. Not every stranger is a criminal. Not every night has dangers of murder and rape. According to him, one in many turn criminals which is why they make news. If every one were committing heinous crimes, it would be nothing extraordinary worth reporting.
Well, I believe Thomas Hobbes. He says man is bad. I believe that. All of us have our own limits of being good. At some point or other, our tolerance levels reaches a stagnation point. First we become evil with those closest to us. Our family. Then our friends.
At the core, we are all evil. That is known. The newspaper only shows how creative man has been with his negativity. It also gives cues to others nearing their last point of tolerance. And they imitate. They think it is okay. All crimes become commonplace for potential criminals then. And those of us who claim to be good and far from devil, fear the world outside.
Then it is a 'One against all. And all against one situation'.

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